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analysis of transactions

Societal or experience scripting can be replaced with co-operative, collaborative behaviour through discussions on the analysis of TA. If someone is ‘conflict-averse’, it may be due to the circumstances they experienced while growing up as a child. If someone has a short-fuse and reacts angrily to the most innocuous of situations, there’s a possibility he or she was conditioned that way from experiences at an early age. It’s considered that our childhood experiences have a big effect on how we live the rest of our lives and Berne’s work shows how the interactions between our ‘states’ can drive our overall life experiences with ourselves and others. Those younger experiences can have an unconscious effect on the way we think and behave.

There are two subdivisions of the child state; The adapted child and the free child ego states. This is when we interact and respond to someone based on our past conditioning of internal emotions felt in childhood, so when we revert back to our thinking and feeling from when we were children. Changing the life script is the aim of transactional analysis psychotherapy.

Transactional Analysis Theory & Therapy: Eric Berne

As we mentioned ‘life-scripts’, it’s important to note that practitioners in TA try to strengthen people’s adult ego states, as our conditioning can affect our behaviours at both the child and parent levels. Double-entry bookkeeping is the accounting method you use to track where your company’s money comes from and where its money goes. As the name implies, there are two entries involved in this process, which involves a debit and a credit. Since the one-year period will not be fully used at January 31 when financial statements are prepared, the insurance cost is considered to be an asset at the payment date.

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The rental market

5) This shows a helpful and grateful attitude to what their staff member is trying to achieve. They are also looking for solutions, so they are approaching from a ‘nurturing parent’ state. Crossed transactional responses can cause people to break relationships and develop a character response that does not contribute to good problem-solving, so watch out if your tendency is to mismatch at any of the TA levels. The adapted child tries to please others and likes to be liked, so they act in accordance with others’ wishes.

Look at these examples and ascertain which of the three ego states they represent (parent, adult, child), then check your answers underneath. An example might be where a customer has a very demeaning attitude to you, complaining that you should be their servant and get a move on, or they’ll take their business elsewhere. Their critical parent state can cause you to take an adapted child state, wanting to please the aggressive parent, not wanting to cause a scene, and bowing down to the authoritarian stance the customer is taking. Whereas the child and parent state may be driven by past experiences and conditioning, the adult state considers the here and now situation. One way to think of a child’s response is to whom are they interacting in this way?


Eric Berne proposed that dysfunctional behavior is the result of self-limiting decisions made in childhood in the interest of survival. Such decisions culminate in what Berne called the “life script,” the pre-conscious life plan that governs the way life is lived out. Textbook content produced by OpenStax is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License . The OpenStax name, OpenStax logo, OpenStax book covers, OpenStax CNX name, and OpenStax CNX logo

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analysis of transactions

In other words, renting requires 46% more income but eliminates the need for prior savings. For 2024, profitability may increase in very dynamic markets such as Madrid or Barcelona due to the higher growth rates expected in the rental market compared to the property market. Conversely, profitability is likely to remain stable or even decrease slightly in other areas with less demand. A good working relationship between the two parties may not last long in such transactions, and ideally, any one of the two will have to switch over to the corresponding ego state for the relationship to continue.

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